Keller Williams’ Martell O’Neal Real Estate Team announces new partner, Shelby Ryburn, to create M.O.R.E. for clients


The Martell, O’Neal, and Ryburn Experience (M.O.R.E.) offers clients a unique, community-based and relational approach to real estate transactions in the greater Sacramento region. 


Sacramento – The Martell O’Neal Real Estate team and Shelby Ryburn are excited to launch the Martell, O’Neal, Ryburn Experience (M.O.R.E.) Real Estate Group, serving the greater Sacramento region and are committed to offering MORE relationships, MORE community, and MORE events. As the premier Real Estate Group in the Sacramento Region, the MORE Real Estate Group is about more than just selling homes; it’s a lifestyle and an experience…hence MORE.


The Martell O’Neal Real Estate Team has offered clients superior service in the Folsom area for the past eight years, with over 20 years of experience in the area, using a uniquely relational approach to meeting people’s real estate needs, goals, and desires. With the addition of Shelby Ryburn and her associates to the team, they are expanding into the Roseville/Rocklin area and greater Sacramento region with a combined 39 years of experience.  Ryburn brings seven years of Keller Williams’ experience to the MORE Team, including expertise from a breadth of executive leadership positions in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, and Northern California and Bay Area markets. She also brings years of experience in coaching and in the financial, real estate, and property management sectors.  


“Your business grows to the extent that you do, and for the last 8 years not only has our business grown, so have we,” said Ricky O’Neal, co-founder of MORE. “Part of that growth is understanding when it’s time to add a missing piece to get you to the next level, and it’s very humbling that Shelby has partnered with us to expand our business throughout the Sacramento Region with the creation of the MORE Real Estate Group with Keller Williams.”


Brian Martell, co-founder of MORE, said, “The real estate industry will continue to change and evolve just as technology does. During these times of change, we can’t lose sight of the consumer experience. The Martell O’Neal team realizes that we need to stay a step ahead of the competition; that’s why we have joined forces with industry expert Shelby Ryburn to launch the MORE Experience.”


A California native, Ryburn spent her first five years in property management overseeing a portfolio of apartment complexes, single family, multi family, commercial and shopping center properties and co-managing the Modesto branch of a San Francisco-based company by the age of 24. She also spent seven years in corporate America with a Fortune 100 financial services firm, where her team was named #1 in recruiting among 300+ offices nationwide.  As a Certified Business Coach and Team Leader in the Carolinas, Ryburn led a Keller Williams franchise to #1 in the region in net growth and #11 internationally out of more than 800 franchises. Today, Ryburn continues to travel the country to train Realtors on systems and models for business growth.  


“One fundamental truth common in all sustainable businesses, regardless of the industry, is the need to provide a service that goes above and beyond the sale of a product,” said Ryburn, co- founder of MORE. “More than ever, we believe that consumers expect more. A meaningful experience won’t materialize without purposeful execution from passionate partners whose core beliefs are about relationships and value that supersedes the sale of a home. That’s why I’ve chosen to partner with Ricky and Brian, both local experts who are known just as much for their character as they are for their track record, which is among the top in the industry.”


While MORE is an ode to the three partners’ surnames (Martell. O’Neal. Ryburn Experience), it’s really about turning the traditional real estate transaction on its head by providing MORE to today’s consumer who deserves and expects MORE. 


To learn more about the Martell, O’Neal, Ryburn Experience (M.O.R.E.), visit or call Michelle at 916-899-8845.




Brian Martell


Brian Martell, a Folsom city native, has been co-owner of the Martell O’Neal Real Estate team for eight years. Brian graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Starting out his career, he served as the President of USA Executive Services, a corporate travel company, from 1996 through 2001. In finding his niche, Brian became licensed as a Real Estate Professional in 2001, working as the CEO for American Heritage Real Estate Services until 2009, before coming aboard the Keller Williams Realty family. Brian’s expertise in Commercial and Residential property has allowed him to be considered a top trainer for fellow agents within the Keller Williams Organization. With over 60 million dollars in land and commercial sales alone, Brian’s experience and knowledge is one to be vied for.

Expanding beyond Real Estate, Brian has deep community ties as he previously served as the Planning Commissioner for the City of Folsom, and has served on numerous other committees in the Sacramento Region. From 2009 to 2010, he was Chairman of the Board for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Folsom since 1996. He enjoys giving back and having a voice in the community that raised him.

As a dedicated, passionate, and market-savvy professional, Brian puts his clients’ satisfaction before all else. In addition, his attention to detail, superior people skills, and knowledge of the real estate industry sets him apart from the rest.

Brian is blessed to have been married to his lovely wife Valerie since 1995. Together they have three wonderful children.


Ricky O’Neal


Growing up in the Sacramento Area, Ricky has created a networking base that has amounted to vast familiarity throughout the community. Alumni of San Francisco State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography and land use planning, Ricky was a project manager for a successful land use planning and development consulting firm. Over the span of seven years, he was heavily involved in numerous housing development projects all throughout El Dorado, Sacramento, & Placer Counties with expertise along the Hwy 50 Corridor. Additionally, Ricky has also been a small business owner since 1996, allowing his diverse and infinite personal network to expand. This experience has equipped him with the in-depth knowledge of the Tri-County area, allowing him the ability to fulfill your real estate needs with ease.


As an agent who’s an expert in the hyperlocal market, Ricky brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise concerning buying and selling properties. It’s not the same everywhere, so you need someone you can trust for up-to-date information. Using past and present experiences, he is the kind of person to help bridge gaps between people and what they are looking for, serving as a valuable asset for his clients. Since 2012 Ricky has been a co-owner of the Martell O’Neal Real Estate team – the #1 team in the Folsom Area for the last six years. As a leader and developer of people in his organization, Ricky’s passion is to provide opportunities that help people find fulfillment in their personal and business lives.


Outside of work, Ricky has a wonderful wife and two children who find it important to give back to the community through different avenues.


Shelby Ryburn


A California native, Shelby spent her first 5 years in Property Management overseeing a portfolio of apartment complexes, single family, multi family, commercial and shopping center properties and co-managing the Modesto branch of a San Francisco based Property Management company by the age of 24. She also spent 7 years in corporate America with a Fortune 100 Financial Services firm as the Development Officer charged with the oversight of recruiting and sales training, an internship program that consistently ranked among America’s top 10, and the leadership development program in the company’s largest network office with 10 locations across two states. During her tenure as DO, the team was awarded #1 in recruiting among 300+ offices nationwide.


Shelby entered the real estate industry in 2006 selling on a team in the Hollywood area of southern California, launched a coaching company in 2013 after completing a rigorous coaching program as a Certified Business Coach, and had the honor of taking on the Team Leader role of a Keller Williams franchise in the Carolinas in 2014. During her three years as TL, the franchise recruited more than 400 associates, finishing 2015 at #2 in the region in net growth, 2016 at #1 in the region in net growth and was ranked #11 in Keller Williams International before moving back to California.


Shelby returned to her California roots in 2017 and served as the Regional Area Director for the Northern CA & HI region for Keller Williams International in 2019. She also travels the country training real estate agents on systems and models that generate more purposeful business growth. Whether personal or professional, she has a passion for cultivating authentic relationships with people to help them live their best lives.


Shelby lives in Rocklin, CA, with her husband, Matt. They have two young kids who attend Adventure Christian School and together as a family, they are deeply ingrained in their church community at Bayside Church in Roseville, CA.


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