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Born: East Sacramento
Moved: 10 years old to Folsom
Activities: Drama theater , soccer in both Sacramento and Folsom
Schools: Folsom, Middle, Folsom High School, Folsom Lake College, Long Beach State
Career: Actor, Stay at Home Mom, Realtor (I wanted a social, community driven job in a positive atmosphere.

Megan was born and raised in Sacramento County. She spent her early childhood in East Sacramento and  at the age of 10 her parents’ dream came true, they found a home in Folsom, where they still reside today. Megan attended Folsom Middle School and Folsom High School, where she discovered her love of drama and theatre arts. Megan loves the opportunity to speak or perform in front of audiences of small groups or very large groups. Her outgoing personality and her love of reaching out to others through speech led Megan to study communication studies in College. She began her college career in Folsom where She graduated with her Accossiates Degree from Folsom Lake College. She then transferred to California State University, Long Beach. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. After graduation she pursued her dream of being a successful actor in Los Angeles. After many auditions, roles in commercial and film, she realized that she missed her community of Folsom.

Megan moved back to Folsom almost two years ago with her two young children. She also lives in the same Folsom neighborhood her parents live in and her children are loving Folsom, as her son says, “Folsom has so much nature.” After being a stay at home mom for years, Megan wanted to pursue a career where she could use her communication background to reach out to her community and make a positive impact on others. Real Estate was a field that fit Megan’s personality and when she met the Martell O’Neal Real Estate team, she knew she could help members of our close community find the homes of their dreams, but also volunteer and help be an important role in our community.

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